Monday, 15 November 2010

1/2 Term Break: (Part 1) Amsterdam, Netherlands

Well, it has been a while (seems like I say that every time I blog..but anyway) I'm back to work again since the break, and have been busy with planning, correcting, and sleeping (when I can, lol).

During our half term break  at the end of October, myself and Jenn took a trip which became an adventure in itself. I have a lot to write about, so I was thinking about highlighting the main points. Here we goooooo.

  • After arriving in Eindhoven, we hop on a train which takes us into Amsterdam, where we walk for what seems like miles, to our Christian Hostel which just so happens to be located within the Red Light District. Great combo hey?!?!....After prayer meetings at 7pm, just stroll on down to the meat market, take your pick,  and afterwards ask for forgiveness for the fun you endured only hours before. It's such a great place!! lol
  • To start the day, we unpacked a little and then did some sight seeing. We found a carnival in the city's centre, and rode the huge Ferris Wheel which overlooked the surrounding area. After that, we searched around for a coffee shop. You didn't have to look far, and we were lucky to choose a great place the first time, to enjoy some coffee with our Space Cake and "afters." This shop was wicked....You sit to the counter, and you are greeted with two menus: one with  too many coffees to choose from, and another with many types of weed and hash for desert! The space cake was just to get you started....LOL. Great people, tourists everywhere, yet many locals just hanging out rolling joints and listening to Bob Marley. Ahhh, I would go back in a second.
  • After that, we walked through the Red Light District to actually see what it was like. This was in the middle of the day, and to be honest, it was quite depressing and uncomfortable to look these ladies in the eyes...which was a hard task to do anyway....There they were, each in their own full length window, dancing and motioning for any man to come try 'em out. I didn't really know what to expect, but what I did know was that I would have to go back there at night time to be able to make a final decision about the place....and that's what I did.
  • After a complimentary supper at the hostel, we bailed before the prayer meetings started, walked two steps from the front door, and arrived back at the Red Light District. We walked around a bit, and it was a completely different atmosphere at pumping, lights glowing, and lots of "action." Guaranteeing that we experience all of what Amsterdam had to offer, we bought tickets to a live sex show, and brought our new roommate with us. Sitting in the front row would have been exciting, and of course, I was boisterous, but the main actors were pathetic....At one point, the girl who was in the middle of doing her job, rolled her eyes as if she were counting down the minutes until her shift was up. I thought the acting was terrible, but I never really knew what to expect. On the way out, I let the doorman know how bad the "performance" was, but not before I got up on stage with the next act: a dancer with her banana!! She called me up on stage and I took part of a banana from her cleavage! A few guys across the way cheered and I was loving it, HAHAH. We chatted with the guys after the show and planned to meet up with them the next day.
  • The next day, we went on a 3 hour walking tour around Amsterdam in the freezing cold rain. It was so interesting to learn about the place, but by the time it was over...another coffee shop called our names...and we made our way into a smoke-filled room once again. This time though, we brought some new friends we met on the tour, and spent a few hours talking, eating, and smoking.
  • A nap was in order, followed by meeting up with the guys from the night before, for supper! We met another Canadian chick at the hostel the night before, and she hung out with us for the rest of the trip...she even came to Brussels with us!
  • After supper, we went to a peep show and then a strip club, where I saw the funniest sight: Jenn getting a lap dance from one of the strippers...ass cheek to face cheek, and everything in between. I think Jenn was cursing the moment she decided to sit in the corner. We should have noticed the handles and landing behind the corner seat....used for the stripper's performance.....wish I would have got this on video is all I can say!
  • Bought some souvenirs and went shopping before hopping on the train to Belguim the next morning. What a time had by all in Amsterda
When I get a chance, I will write about Belgium and France.
Hope you enjoyed this blog....sound like fun??? Ohhhhhh, it was! ;)
Until Next Time,