Monday, 30 August 2010

The Church and its after-effects...

 I lay here in bed today, with a killer headache, and it's all because of our unforgettable experience at The Church yesterday. We woke up around 9am in the morning, so we could get a good base of Sarah's cooked breakfast in our tummies, and so we could give ourselves time to put on our well-needed rocker make-up. The church is an Australian bar which is known for it's weekly BASH every Sunday from 12-4pm (hence the name), where all sorts of people come to party, dressed up as anything from Smurfs to Santas!! I took some awesome pictures that I will eventually post on facebook. During this party, the music is blairing, people are havin' a laugh drinkin' and socializing, a beer chuggin contest takes place, and we are entertained by a stripper! This particular party at The Church landed on a long weekend, so us ladies were lucky to get some entertainment from a male stripper as well, LOL!!!!

 If you know me at all, you know that Halloween is my favorite occasion, and so any opportunity to dress up, I jump at it! Myself, Jenn and our roomate Sarah decided to be rockers, and so that's what we did!! The tube station was a funny experience because we got some weird looks, but I stayed in character the whole time, haha.

 When we got to the Church, it was mayhem! People were lined up down the street waiting to get into the huge party! We saw everything from Ghostbusters, smurfs, elves, cowboys, gladiators, robots, slumber party GUYS, angels, and a Hannibal Lector, Muuaahhahhah. It was wicked. !0 Pounds got you 3 pints of beer or Shmirnoff Ice Coolers.

 After we partied there for the afternoon, we moved onto another bar called the Walkabout, where everyone from The Church "congregated" afterwards.  We tried a famous Australian drink called Snake Bite which consisted of half beer, half cider and a shot of Black Current. When they serve it to you, you can see an "S" on the top of the drink...friggin' tasty!

 We could have stayed longer, as it was only 6:30 when we did actually leave, but we probably made a good decision to leave. I can't imagine what I would be feeling like, if we were there all night! On the way home on the Tube, we met a random, and he had a few drinks with us at a bar before heading home. It was a GREAT day/evening and writing this doesn't do it justice because pictures are worth a million words...Stay posted for them.

 When I went to bed lastnight, I couldn't get to sleep until about 4am, so I stayed in bed for a bit today. I got up and decided to go for a walk in Valentine Park, to get some fresh air because the only air I inhaled within the past 12 hours had been booze, sweat and restaraunt food..HAHAHA What a beautiful park it is too! I saw about 12 squirrels while walking through, and one in particular must have been interested in me. Our squirrels at home would run away and hide in the trees, but the ones around here are always being fed by the children. This one little squirrel (we will name him Tot) kept following me as I walked on by. I tried to keep his attention by making little noises and rustling some leaves on the ground, as if we were playing! It was the cutest thing ever!! Just as long as he doesn't come near my house, or tear up my garbage, we will be close friends...Ha.

 It's off to Jenn's room now so we can look at some prices on trvaelling to France. It might be our first stop!!

Post again to come! xoxoxox

Saturday, 28 August 2010

R is for Rat

 Its been a few days since I posted, so I figured I better stay connected, and write again. This is our second weekend living in England, and we are starting to get to know the place a little more everyday, especially the insects and rodents!!

 I killed about 4 or 5 spiders in my room the other day....apparently in England, they don't use screens on their windows and so every little insect that can get through an open crack...will! So, there was this one spider on my wall and I noticed it when I was in my bed about to go to sleep. He was just chillin above my shelf, and so it was hard to get at him without making him fall somewhere, where he would just make a clean getaway under or IN my bed! I wasn't going to take that chance, so I made sure I got him the first time!

 So from spiders, to rodents. We saw a mouse while waiting in the tube station the other day...very tiny, down in the tracks, looking for food I suppose, no big deal. But when myself and Jennifer were walking down the road last week, we passed Valentine's Park (next to our house) and saw a big RAT just wandering through the fence...not scurrying..just slowly moving...I couldn't believe it! At home, we would have to be quick in order to catch a qlimpse..but this one, I couldn't get it out of my sight when I was desperate for it to run away! I would prefer not to see another one anytime soon because it was friggin' creepy!

 BUTTTTT Not as creepy as the rat we were informed about around here called The European Rat. Apparently there aren't many around, and if you see one, you will know because it is the size of a cat!! Eeeeek, just saying that out loud gives me the willies. Imagine going to put out the garbage only to see a European RAT digging at some food.......k, finished talking about it.

 I have much better things to write about, but it's late and I need my rest before the big party tomorrow....Yea, we are goin to an "Australian hosted" party at a bar called The Church, from 12-4pm (church hours- hence the name) and everyone dresses up in whatever the hell they feel like! My kind of party!!! Us girls are doin the rocker chick thing..and my costume is wicked...I will show a picture of it, and post about the bash when I get the chance... I may be a day or two getting over it first...HAHAH

 Ash xo

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Cheap Yank...WTF?

 So, here it is. The day we visit the Queen's Palace. First off, we weren't really sure of how to get there so we asked our roomate Sarah to help us. She was on her way into London anyway, so she took us there. This time, we took a train to the tube station, instead of a bus. While waiting for the train, I saw some newspapers in a bin, and so I decided to take one and keep up to date on what's happening. I took one and sat down next to the girls. Not even a minute later, a man came up to me telling me that this newspaper is not for free...Jesus, I unknowingly stole a newspaper! Comon', if I was gonna do this right, I would have at least stole something etable, had it open and tasted by the time the guy got there, but no. I never even had the first page read yet! I can be so stupid sometimes!

 We eventually get to Buckingham Palace, and the place is stunning. We couldn't take pictures of the inside of the palace, but we were allowed to take pictures of the Mews (where they kept the carriages, cars and horses) and when we were out in the garden (exiting the tour). I have some pictures I will upload anyway. 30 foot ceilings, decorations dipped in gold, and rooms enough to fit thousands for sure. We did see a lot of the gifts that were given to the Queen from people all over the world, and one special gift we were told about was a horse, given to her by the RCMP back in the 90's. She loved it.

 After what seemed like a 4 hour tour (wasn't far off ) we decided to come back home. Jennifer's leg was killing her (needs to get that checked out) and we wanted to take a nap before going out later that night. Down in the station, waiting for the tube, there was a girl who was clearly pissed about something. Just so happened that she dropped a part of her cell phone down into the tracks. Trying to be the hero, this coolio of a guy tries to jump down and get it for her, when a ladies pissed off voice came onto the intercom syste, frightening the guy who was half way down into the tracks!! What an idiot really. Gave me a fright, and I didn't even care for the guy, LOL.

We get back home, Jennifer naps. I just couldn't. We get ready to go out to a bar called The Edge, where there is some live music, and cheap drinks. I'm down for that. A 45 minute bus ride later because of detours, we arrive at this sketchy town (like ours, lol) and there doesn't seem to be much going on outside. Inside was a different story. The place was packed with all sorts of people. We get some beers, meet some people and listen to the guy singing on stage. He does a good job, but when Sarah's friend, the Birthday Boy, gets up to sing, I was blown away! His voice is amazing and very unique. I loved him, and of course, told him when I got the chance.

 We started socializing with these 2 guys from Romford (where we were) and right off the bat they started making fun of us, and tormenting us for our accent! I can handle that no problem, especially if he's buying us shots, HAHA. They called us "Cheap Yanks" which I've never heard of, but I just couldn't care less really, so we kept talkin. They were douchebags to say the least, and when one of us said something they didn't like, all hell broke loose. One guy started flippin' out callin my roomate a Cunt, and a Bloody Bitch, etc. so we just walked away to enjoy the rest of the music, while Idiot in the background continues to mumble and glare. It was quite funny in my opinion.

 The lights come on at 12 or something like that. Very early, even though it IS a Tuesday night. We walk down to the next bar, and it's Rockin- with tons of gay guys, HA! We go in there for a bit, and dance to some Spice Girls (which I haven't heard at a bar in years- apparently they still can't get enough of it here). The 2 douchebags are there as well, and we just ignore them.

 Wanting to go home eventually, we walk to the bus stop, right across the road, where this guy is eating french fries....I ask him if he has gravy, and he tells me that he is eating Curry-n-Chips.....It was a nasty yellow mushy mess of homemade fries smothered in Curry sauce, yuck! He really doesn't know what he's missin, when I tell him all about Fries, Dressing and Gravy or Poutine...... :)

 Got a little lost on the bus, had to get off at one point, and cross the road. Eventually hailed the over priced black cab, and make our way home!

 It's 3:30pm and my roomates are still in bed, except for Catherine who is still sightseeing with her family.

 Guess I should go wake 'em up?!?! Gone to get the biggest pot we have. Cheerio. xo

Monday, 23 August 2010

Money, Money, Money..eeeek!

 Just got home from a walk down Cranbrook road where the shops are, and of course, I ended up in a grocery seems as though everyday I'm finding more things I need to buy. Today, it was more toilet paper, laundry detergent, and of course some chocolate!

 Myself and Jennifer went to meet the workers from Timeplan today. We were a little bit late because we took the wrong bus, and ended up waaaay past our stop. It was fine. We met 3 important recruiters named Liz, Allan, and Jody. Liz will be helping us with our employment, seeking out full-time jobs for us when they come up. We were told that because we came over earlier than most, we were at a slight advantage now that we have landed. Allan was there to give us half a tree worth of paper work, to get the ball rolling.

 Jody is in charge of accomodations, and made sure we were comfortable, and settled in the house. It definitly didn't hurt that he was a fine looking young man, lol. I was thinking, "He's not gonna want to meet me..." because I had some concerns and I'm obviously a little anal about things. I noticed when I arrived, that the lock on my bedroom door didn't lock, as well as everyone else's doors. They don't seem to have a problem with it, but if I'm paying rent, then I want a lock on my door. He is going to fix that as soon as possible. I never stopped there. I also requested he fix the small gate out front (by just nailing one of the boards back on- no biggie). I asked him if there were ever screens on the windows because I had a small invasion of spiders in my room the other day. Apparenlty, in England, they don't have screens????? Ugh.

 As for my job, I think it will go well. The only problem is that I won't get paid for a while (as in the end of September) and when I do finally get paid, it won't be much because I probably won't be teaching all that much in the first month....Eeeeeek! I have to budget my money big time, and make it stretch over the next month or two, and if you know me at all...I like to spend, shop and drink, HAHAHAHAHA. xo

 Things usually work out over time, and I hope it is the case with me. Until next time.

 Tomorrow, we visit Buckingham Palace, and then we will go listen to some live music, at our roomate's friend's Birthday Party...Bring it on :)

Ps- I think I could get used to writing a blog...It's like venting!!! LOL

Sunday, 22 August 2010

The First Few Days

 So here we are, starting out our year in one of the most popular places in the world. Figured I would start a Blog, so everyone who was interested, could be updated with my life in Essex, England.

 I should start with us boarding the plane in St. John's where myself and Jennifer never ended up sitting together, although she did sit directly in front of kind. I sat next to a very handsome guy named Kirk, who was extremely easy to talk to, and was obviously easy on the eyes. We ended up chatting the WHOLE entire way to England, and even watched Iron Man 2 together, sort of. (We started and ended at the same time, and commented during). He gave me the rest of his Starburst before we got off the plane, and sadly went our seperate ways...but Holy Shit, that plane ride went by so quickly!

 We were met by a taxi driver named Craig, who greeted us with an envelope (cell phone and contract/information from our recruitment agency TimePlan) and a very small vacuum sealed package containing a duvet/4 pillows. These looked as if they were made out of paper towel, like if you pulled on them too hard, they might rip, hahaha. Nevertheless, they were perfect for starting out. (Pillows are soo fluffy, I think I'll keep 'em).

 We started talking to our cab driver, who let us know that Ilford, Essex isn't the "greatest" plasce in England, but that our house was located in the better part of the town. It freaked me out for a minute, but when I got the the house, it all went away. We pulled up to the sweetest town house, with a little gate and an arch door. I immediately fell in love.

 We checked out our rooms, and of course, by luck, Jennifer got the nicest room out of the two. Her room is at the front of the house, with a big bay window and lots of space. My room is next to hers, at the back of the house, with a nice double bed in it, and a view of the tiny backyard (including everyone else's backyard). The perk of my room, is that I have my own personal sink, which is nice when you share a house with 4 other girls. I will have to take a video of the whole house when I get a chance and when everyone has fully moved in and has made it look lived in!

 There is a nice park about 1 minute away, which connects to a main road with lots of needed stores to shop at such as a few grocery stores, a post office, dollar stores, restaurants, a pharamacy etc. We are also right next to many bus stops that take us directly to the "Tube" Station.

 Yesterday, we went into Central London and walked around on Oxford Street. That street alone was wicked....the shopping has excited me already, and I haven't bought anything yet! I just don't think I will go shopping on a Saturday again because the place was Mayhem!!! It was like Primark (a very popluar store) was closing or something because people were running around like craxy buying stuff....You could hardly move in the store! The street was beautiful, so I can only imagine what the rest of London looks like. Lots of pictures are in order.

 We met 2 of the 3 roomates so far. One girl named Catherine is from South Africa and has her family visiting, so we haven't seen her around much at all, except for in the night when they get home from their daily excursion. She seems a little reserved, but we will get her out of her shell in no time, haha. The other girl, Sarah, we just met today because she was travelling. She is very social, loves to party and has been here for 2 years. I think we will be getting along just fine with her, but she is actually planning on moving out in a few months to a place closer to the city.

 On Tuesday, myself and Jennifer will be going to Buckingham Palace to check things out, especially now that the Queen is in Scotland!! We will be able to do the tour that goes inside the palace, which will be awesome. Then, this coming Sunday, we were asked by Sarah, if we wanted to go to ao party called "The Church", held by crazy Aussies, who celebrate every Sunday from 12-4, mainly the hours of chruch service, hence the name, lol. People dress up, drink, and do funny shit when they are there. A female stripper will entertain for a bit, and because it's a long weekend, us ladies will be greeted by a male stripper as well. Yay, us! LOL Not sure what our costumes will be yet, but I'm dressin' up as something!!!

 Ok, so far, you are up to date with things here. We are still settling away, and layin low, because we have lots of time to see and do!

 I will try to keep this updated because I think it's the best way to keep in touch with everyone without having to individually email people.

Love you all, and remember when you're on the tube......... "Mind The Gap!"