Friday, 29 October 2010

Wow...It's Been A While.

It certianly has been a while. I even forget what has happened since my last post, yet I have so much to write since I got back from my week long trip. I figured I would just write a general blog first, and then continue with my trip, deal? Deal.

Well since I last wrote, I have been to the Thames River Festival here in London, where there was lots of food, music and different cultures all the way down the river. Myself and Jenn ended up buying a nice bracelet made out of a fork! It was the coolest thing, so of course, I had to buy it. We watched as the designer curved the bracelet and he showed us how he made the designs for each piece of cultery. He also made bracelets from spoons and knives....creative hey!

We also went to a Timeplan social where we met some new friends (also teachers obviously) and got some free drinks. It's nice to meet people in the same situation as us, and some were even newer than we were!! I feel like this place is becoming home to me. Took some emails and numbers and have met up with some of them since then. I met one girl, Jenn, who also likes horror movies and concerts, so we have been to see Devil (which was ok, but had to see it) and we are gonna keep an eye out for some good shows in London!!

There has been a lot of sickness in our house here in Essex during the month of September and October..I think everyone is so busy- go, go, go, and it has finally caught up to us. Jenn was so sick, that she had to go to the hospital to get checked out. They gave her antibiotics and as luck would have it, she had an illergic reaction to the penecillin. Fun times let me tell ya. I lost my voice for more than a week and had a horrible cough for about a month (no lies) but during my trip it was bessst kind! Now that I think of it though, I have been coughing all day and my chest has been feeling heavy....Maybe its the dust in my room?!?! Hmmmm...good question.

We went to see a musical last week with some friends of ours called 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert' and it was HILARIOUS! A friend of ours found the tickets for only 13 pounds when they usually cost about 60 I believe...We had a resrticed view but it wasn't too bad at all. The show is funny and colourful and so entertaining! I LOVED it.....and I look forward to seeing more shows soon!

There have been a few encounters with strangers that I just have to share before I move on. A few weeks ago, on my way home from work, I stopped into the grocery store. After having picked up all my groceries, I proceeded to the checkout and paid with my Scotia card. For some reason, it wouldn't work and they couldn't do much to help me. I was sent to the service desk with my food, where the lady suggested I go out to the bank machine and try to take out cash. I was rotted at this point (after having put most of the groceries strategically into my back pack, and bagging up the rest) and so I unpacked everything again before going to the ATM. While I was in line to "attempt" to get money, this young girl about my age comes up to me and asks me if everything worked out after (she, along with other people were in the line up behind me when my card first got declined). I told her I was trying to take money out, and she asked me how much my groceries were. They were only about 25 pounds but this girl OFFERED to pay for my groceries and she didn't expect to be paid back?!?!?! I thought she was one of the sweetest people I've met since I have been over here, and I told her I would never forget her: Cynthia. There is a little bit of Newfoundlander in everyone. I really do believe.

Another embarassing incident happened to me while I was on the bus. It was super packed one day, on my way home from work (seems to be when everything happens to me, lol) Anyway, I was standing close to the driver as there was no where to go. A man got on with his two kids, and the children sat down while he stood up across from me. Well, the bus driver seemed to like it when he played footies with the gas a break pedals, because at one point he stepped on the gas, and I wasn't holding on. It's only instinct to reach your hand out to grab something, and in the process, I ended up SCRATCHING the man's cheek with my fingernail! Can you imagine how embarassing that was for me? I apologized a million times over, and we both ended up laughing about it during the ride home. He even started making remarks like "I wouldn't want to see you beat me might break out your black belt moves on me" and "How am I going to explain this to my wife?" HAHAHAH Oh my....only me, I tell ya...Only me!

Well, my position in year 6 is finished up at Lansdowne Primary School. It took the good out of me in the way that I didn't agree much with how the school was organized as well as the atmoshpere around the school. I will miss my kids soo much, and I know they will miss me. Some of them brought in chocolates and cards, a necklace and one child even brought in a cake for me. It was a great last day, and I will definitely visit when I get the chance. The teacher I was in for, Kylie, ended up becoming a friend of mine, and we are planning a  skii trip over the Christmas holidays together......PUMPED for that!

Ok, need to finish up my Halloween costume....don't have much to work with...but it should be fine!
Until next time!!

Hope everyone is doing good..Miss you all!

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