Monday, 6 September 2010

Man, people are......people, I guess.

 I haven't posted since last Monday, and so I figured if I want to keep up to date, then I'm gonna have to post at LEAST once a week. I could do more, but when I get started, I haven trouble stoppin, not sure if you noticed.

Well, it's 12:10 am here and while I should be sleeping, due to work tomorrow (fill you in later)....I am here feeling anxious about work, etc, so of course, I can't sleep. It might also be due to the fact that another damn SPIDER WAS CRAWLING UP MY ARM!!! Jesus, if I'm not friends with spiders by the end of this, I'll be surprised, eeeek!

 There are some interesting people around here, and that's part of why I love it so much. Much like home I guess, only 50 times MORE! Sometime last week, taking the bus home, I looked out the window only to see some guy pissing in a random driveway on the main road! Disguisting really, but he must have had to maneuvere his goods in between the gate posts from what it looked like. Plus, he was probably drunk. I do know who WAS drunk for sure though....

 This guy at the supermarket the other day was flipping out because there was only one cash open. I can understand his frustration for sure, but if you want something bad enough, you're gonna wait for it....or not. This man was about 6 bodies behind me, and he was complaining, swearing and making a scene in the store because he wanted to be served Right Now! When he saw the second cashier approach the register, dude skipped everyone, slammed money on the counter and demanded ALCOHOL. At this point, I was ready to tell buddy where to go and not put up with his shit (human nature) but I figured maybe serving this guy first just to get him out of there was the best option. Wow, that was fun.

 The next three people I saw made me laugh actually. I was on a bus (yet again) and this lady got on with her two kids, probably aged 4 and 5?! The little cuties were eating soft serve ice cream cones...well, attemping to. The mother must have bought them ONE huge scoop each on a cone, and then let them fend for themselves, because these kids weren't able to really enjoy the ice cream. More than half of it was dripping down their arms and onto their coats. It was a friggin' mess, and Mom didn't give a shit. The kids were a little stressed about it too because they were probably uncomfortable when their hands stuck to there cones, with the constant drippage of liquid sugar mushed into their fingers. I felt bad for the kids, but I was laughing on the inside cause it was a sight!

I was gonna go on, but I should really get to bed. Tomorrow I was called into a grade 5 class for the FIRST day of school, and apparently they are looking to hire me for the rest of the term. I am super excited about having a job over here now, but the fact that I wasn't able to plan anything, or see my classroom etc. etc. etc. kind of freaks me out a little...eeeeeek! And hence the reason I can't really go to sleep (plus the spidersssssss) I will fill you in on my day and my past week within the next day or two....gotta keep it going :)

Stay Thirsty My Friends (cravin' a Dos Equis right about now, lol.)

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