Friday, 3 December 2010

1/2 Term Break: (Part 2) Brussels Belguim

I really need to get this posted, so I can move onto daily posts about my daily life, haha!

  • Anyway, we left Amsterdam, knowing we would be back again someday....well I WILL, anyway! I absolutely loved it there- the atmosphere and the recreational activities, hahaha!
  • We left with our new Canadian friend, Chantel, and made our way to the train station. We had to run to catch our train, because we were only a little late after waiting in line for food, and being served by the slowest worker of life- no joke! It's friggin hard running as fast as you can through a crowded train station with a huge rucksack on your back, let me tell ya! But we finally made it to the platform just in the nick of time, and boarded the train.
  • When we got on the train, we noticed there weren't many people around, so we had it made! Big comfy seats and peace and quiet. Well, too good to be true because we were told soon enough that we had boarded First Class, hahahaa. Shortly after that, we were sent to the back of the train with the rest of the commoners, lol. We fit right in!
  • Once in Brussels, we wander around for a half hour and accidentally stumble upon our hostel.  We grab a quick nap, and then head out to a world famous bar, Delirium.  Here they serve about 400 types of beer, and if you are ever there, trust me, the cherry beer is divine!  So, we drink some beer, meet some people who barely speak English and listen to some great live music.  All in all, an awesome night!
  • The next day, of course we do the touristy things:
    -Le Grand Place, which is absolutely beautiful and I cannot describe it, so see picture.
    - Atomium, this weird molecule shaped building with various exhibits, but pretty cool (ate a Belgium waffle).
    -Mini Europe (Yes, you guessed it, the sights of Europe in mini form! Exciting at first, but excitement does wear off once you hit Greece).
    - Le Mannequin-Pis or the Peeing Boy (a famous fountain in Brussels, not that exciting).
    -Supper at a nice restaurant looking out over Le Grand Place.
  • Overall, Belgium is a beautiful place to visit and the shopping is divine! I loved the old architecture and I have some pictures to prove it. Hopefully I cn get my next blog finished today, so keep reading!

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