Friday, 3 December 2010

November 2010

Finally, I have finished posting about my 1/2 Term Break, which actually happened a while ago now. Since then, I have started a new teaching position (Year 6 at Monteagle) and it has been a pleasure to teach such vibrant students.....Behaviour problems guaranteed, but I loved them so much.

I actually start ANOTHER teaching position on Monday, but this time it is in Year 1 (Kindergarten) so I am a little nervous about that because I was getting used to the older children being able to fend for themselves, and stay seated (SOMEtimes) When I start on Monday, I won't have time to sit down, and I'll be surrounded by runny noses and tattlers, HAHAHA! Butttttttttt, I'll let you know how it goes.

Halloween has come and gone, and of course I HAD to dress up, so I stuck white school glue all over one side of my face, applied toilet paper on top of that and then finished it off with make-up and fake blood. I guess I was a burn vicitim of some sort, but I think Crsitin said I looked like a Widower risen from the dead. Whatever I was, the costume looked great and I enjoyed my time out with sime friends (Zombie, Count Duckula, Dead Alcie in Wonderland, Angel of Death and the Insane Clown Possie brothers, lol!)
Well, if I would have known my make-up was going to affect me weeks later, I probably would have NEVR put it on.

Almost 2 weeks later, I noticed that my face was feeling irritated, and was red on one side (bet you can guess which side!) It took about 2 full days to really break out into a red rash which started under my eye and continue down my cheek until it got to my neck. WHAT A MESS I WAS IN. My second day at Monteagle, and I had to rush to a clinic to make sure I wasn't have a serious reaction to anything ( I mean, in all seriousness, it COULD have been a coincidence that the rash was on the same side of my face as the white school glue had been on, *sigh) Anyway, this horrible state lasted over a week, and by the end of it, I was avoiding public places and even considered calling in sick to work. God love the kids though, they were so used to it by the second day, that each time it got a little better, they noticed and tried to cheer me up! xo

In conclusion, I will NEVER refrain from putting shit on my face as part of an awesome costume, BUT I will NEVER put white school glue near my face again. I'm just going to have to find something better, and more gruesome next time!

Oh, and then it was my Birthday (rash never exsited then, thank god) A few of us went out to supper and had cake later on. I don't like to make a big deal out of my birthday and so this year was no excpetion. It quickly ended and life went on. :) We celebrated mine and Jennifer's birthday the next weekend by going into London for some dancing with a few great friends we met since we've been here. xo

  • Well, it's 9:40 am here, and I should still be sleeping in. I know it's Friday and I SHOULD be at work, but England can't handle weather. We had a tiny snowfall on Tuesday morning, and by the time I got the bus, waited in traffic for over an hour, I arrived at school to find out it had been cancelled for the day due to conditions........3 DAYS LATER AND SCHOOL IS STILL CLOSED! I mean, comon' people. On days like these, at home, we are expected to get to work, have duty outside AND send the children out to play at recess and lunch.....Jeeesus. I wouldn't mind so much, but No Work= No Pay! and THAT is never good when you're renting, lol.
Until next time......Keep Fit and Have Fun...HAHA

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  1. Brace yourself for kindergarteners telling you that you don't know how to teach. They think teachers all have to do everything EXACTLY the same way. Hehehe!